Self portrait of Therese

Therese is an Illustrator and Visual Graphic Designer born and raised in Queens, New York. As a lifelong artist, she brings an awareness to her Southeast Asian heritage through artistic elements both in her drawings and paintings. Her work frequents around themes of the Asian/Asian American identity and the connection between futuristic, modern, and traditional subject matters. Her style is an infusion of her love for various subcultures: anime and video games along with her appreciation of fashion illustration. She is a visionary with multiple disciplinaries in both traditional and digital forms of design. She is both self taught at the young age of 3 and continued through academia from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She continuously hones her craft.

In her spare time, she loves running around cityscapes, exploring extraordinary coffeeshops and indulging in diverse cuisines, hitting Muay Thai pads and kicking butt, immersing in indie concerts in local venues, strolling in art galleries and museums, and snuggling with her cat.

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